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During our cold, rainy, and briefly snowy winters, Strata & Commercial properties collect snow and ice that can be hazardous and require prompt servicing and maintenance. Slippery roads, sidewalks, and parking created by the ice and snow affect everyone who uses them. Property owners are responsible by law to maintain their properties and keep them safe.

Strata & Commercial property safety is especially important during winter months as snowfalls can be sudden and cumbersome. Snowplows are not always available and snow removal and salting on driveways, walkways, and sidewalks should be done as soon as possible. Make sure to have your landscaping and winter maintenance services planned BEFORE the snow falls!

Our salting services all of our Richmond BC clients as well as Vancouver and nearby cities for optimal response times. Our professional salting services help lower the risks of slips, falls, accidents, and many potential injuries related to snow, ice, and poor property maintenance over the winter months. When Lubberts Landscaping & Maintenance manages a property; business owners, strata manager, and property managers can rest assured even during the harshest winters.

Winter Maintenance Services To Keep Richmond Properties Safe

Our dedicated and friendly salting experts act quickly to keep your property safe, moving, and open during the winter season. We are experienced in handling the commercial properties of all sizes and always go the extra mile to cater to our customers’ needs.

Professional Salting Services

After the snow removal and clean-up, our fleet of salt trucks apply a layer of salt to the roads, driveways, parking lots, and sidewalks for safe driving and walking. This reduces the freezing temperature of the water and melts ice as it tries to collect. By keeping paths cleared of ice and snow, the risk of slips or falls and motor vehicle mishaps are significantly lowered.

Our team of professionals uses a particular salt type to effectively melt ice from your property. Our staff is trained in rock salt application and are aware of smart salting methods. We are cautious about the amount of salt we spread on the paved surfaces. This ensures that Choline and sodium do not leach into water and pose a negative effect on Mother Earth.

Salting Services Prevents Accidents Across BC

Salting roads and commercial properties using rock salt is an effective solution for preventing weather associated collisions in BC. The truth is that many drivers across Richmond, Vancouver, and BC for that matter, will not have their winter tires installed before the first “surprise” snowfall causing a spike in snow-related accidents. Salting enhances driving conditions by offering traction for tires on icy surfaces. Rock salt is also natural, non-toxic, and also readily available.

As a top professional landscaping company, customers are assured that we possess the appropriate expertise and skill to take care of any strata & commercial property any month of the year. We guarantee a highly professional salting service at an affordable rate.

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