Differences Between Commercial Landscaping & Residential Landscaping Services

Landscaping comes in many forms depending on the trends of the owners and the type of their properties. There are commercial property owners and residential property owners. And landscaping appeals to different needs depending on these properties. Let’s discover the difference between commercial and residential landscaping.

What are the Different Types of Landscape Design?

Landscape designs can vary greatly as there are many different types of landscape design that cater to different client needs, preferences & goals. You need to choose what you want to achieve with your outdoor space or work with a professional landscaping design company to provide you with some realistic options. For example, do you want a natural look or an extravagant one? Do you want it to be practical, such as a nice accessible garden surrounded with bushes and trees, or do you prefer the landscape to be more decorative and be visually stimulated to anyone within its vicinity?

Commercial Landscape Design

Architectural design and planning are not as simple as it may seem. It requires a lot of creativity, knowledge and time. This is why commercial landscape design services can work directly with architects, builders, and developers to bring landscaping designs to life. This can be done when a commercial property is being developed or can be totally revamped at a later date. With the right team in place, proper planning & management, any landscaping design can be drastically updated or changed based on an owner’s personal preferences.

Residential Landscape Design

Homeowners usually want the exterior of their homes to look their best. Depending on the type of yard you may have, its size and elements,creative a beautiful landscape design is not alway simple. Most homeowners may not have any experience in landscaping or know what plants go well in certain climates and conditions. Most professional landscaping contractors can help with landscape design to not only make your backyard look great but most importantly, how to maintain its beauty long-term.

There are many different details of landscaping design & styles that landscape designers work with regularly. For example, if the residential yard is on a slope then the designer would choose plants and trees that can grow in those conditions.The weather and seasons in your areas, type of trees and soil of your yard are all important factors relating to designing and maintaining beautiful residential landscapes.

Commercial Landscaping vs Residential Landscaping Services

There are a number of landscaping options that commercial property and homeowners can choose from to make their landscapes look better.

Commercial Landscaping Services are more commonly seen in the exterior of buildings. It can be used as a decorative element or to create new outdoor spaces for people to enjoy on their lunch break or after work hours. When properly designed and maintained, commercial properties can capture people’s attention as well as create a sense of attraction towards commercial buildings and their eye-catching landscapes.

Residential Landscaping, on the other hand, is more focused on enhancing the daily usage of homeowners yards through aesthetics and functionality. Homeowners have an opportunity with residential landscaping options to make their home environment much more enjoyable with their preferred type lawn, garden, and trees and much more depending on available space, budgets & personal preferences.

When it comes to differentiating between commercial to residential landscaping services. They both offer similar options of improving the appearance of properties and any related elements.

Homeowners need to have an idea of what they really want and call on the experts in the field to arrange their properties in an aesthetic and professional manner.

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