Snow Removal Services

With over 27 years of professional landscaping services in Richmond BC, we are very familiar with Vancouver winters and all of the snow, sleet, and ice that accompanies our winter months. British Columbia’s winters and snowfalls may vary in length, quantities, and dates, but our client’s safety and satisfaction remain the same year-round.

As a Richmond landscaping company, some strata & commercial property managers and owners may not always realize that our property maintenance services are well equipped to handle harsh winters and any related snow removal requirements.

When the snow falls, (usually by surprise), it is always important to keep all of the strata & commercial properties under our landscaping care well maintained. This ensures the safety of all tenants, residents, and customers who access these properties regularly. We customize our landscaping and maintenance services across Richmond and Vancouver during the winter season based on the size and specific requirements of any commercial property.

Winters in and around the lower mainland tend to be short and sporadic but are no match for our crew of professionals that are well equipped for swift snow removal services. Nobody knows how to maintain our strata and commercial properties better than us and we make sure to remove the snow before it hardens and becomes more hazardous and difficult to remove.

Snow Plowing Services

Removing snow quickly after a snowfall prevents ice from forming in driveways, walkways, sidewalks, and parking lots which prevents slippery conditions and helps avoid unwanted accidents. We make sure driveways are safer and can be easily accessed as needed and that commercial properties and businesses are free from hazardous obstructions. Our quality work is consistent and property maintenance is especially important during Vancouver winters.

Below is an overview of what our clients expect during the winter season

  • Cost-effective and customized snow removal & salting services
  • Winter maintenance of high-traffic areas including; driveways, parking lots, walkways, and sidewalks
  • A highly experienced and dedicated team of snow removal & maintenance professionals
  • Weather monitoring to avoid last-minute panic
  • GPS monitored fleet for ideal time tracking and planning
  • Durable and effective snow removal equipment
  • Fully insured and WCB certified Landscaping Professionals

If you own or manage strata or commercial property in Vancouver or Richmond BC and have any questions about our Snow Removal Services, contact us here to learn about a customized plan for your property. With Lubberts Landscaping, customer satisfaction is always a priority and we always maintain a high level of professionalism with all of our clients.

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